Our Designs

Responsive WebSites built on a monthly Budget.

Video Branding

Supply the video you wish to have branded and we will include it on your webpages.

Shopping Carts

Allows you to have an online shop for your business without charging for the creation of the cart.


For a fixed monthly budgeted amount your website will created and hosted, with any changes required done for free. 

How it started

I got too familiar with the word "expensive" and the sentence "I simply cannot afford a website right now", I saw the potential in their business,
and put together these pricing options.

I wanted to create not only a way for you to flourish in the business you own but to do so on a monthly budget that anyone can afford. 

Why we do this

Our Designs wanted to create a way for business owners who are on a monthly budget to be able to afford a responsive website, branded videos, or even an online shopping cart.

We want to give businesses a chance to have a website out there, to have a chance to show people what they are offering.

Our Designer


Creating websites, videos, and online shops for you on a fixed monthly budget.
Our Designs works on a different costing system than other Web-Masters.
Give us a call.

Our Designs

Websites, Video Branding, Online Shops



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